ODC is primarily a collection of young adults driven by the desire to create an organisation that is designed by young people, for young people. One that really understands and reflects the perspective of being a young person in these modern times.

We are built upon lived experience across all staff, Peer Mentors, Trustees and partners. Working from a position of knowledge, compassion and trust. Along with a deep understanding of the lived experience of poor mental health and the skills, knowledge and interventions needed to change it right now.

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our team.
Lee Pennington Charity Director
Greg Edwards Head of Development
Ella Holland Impact Manager
Alicia Wright Bazaar Development Lead
Natalie Pontoppidan oomoo Lead
Mya Higginson Family Worker
Sylvie Allerton Family Lead
Andy Shaw Design and Marketing Lead
Zoe Richardson Therapeutic Lead
Ryan Guage Culture Lead
Evie Nye Family Clerk
Holly Clark ODC Trainer
Nikki Parry ODC Trainer
Luci Diggory Therapeutic Assistant
Alex Williams oomoo Worker
George Gebbie oomoo worker
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