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Wirral’s brightest and most active space to meet friends, enjoy the best breakout and national artists, socialise, relax, enjoy the festival and club culture and have a good time.

But also art with a social conscience. Festivals that directly facilitate shaping change in peoples lives. Art commissioned and created to add dynamic value to NHS. Birkenhead International Film Festival, life drawing and more.

Generally playing with and stretching the relationship between art, culture, music, festivals, social action and mental health.

bloom building

The flagship space within the ODC campus. Bloom Building is Merseyside’s most colourful building, an immersive environment that reimagines how the worlds of mental health, social action, arts, culture and community can coexist. 

Services for those 17+ live here.

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The cousin of Bloom Building and Blossom Haus, Luft is the newest venue on the ODC campus.

An interactive and engaging space that houses much of our active and sessional work, a space to relax, engage in positive lifestyle activities and learn as part of a community of like minded people.

Activities & Workshops

We run a diverse range of different sessional activities, workshops and training opportunities across our sites, throughout the year. All are open to members free to access (unless stated otherwise).

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