Central to what we do is provide charity members with free, immediate access to a innovative range of creative therapeutic support options if they are feeling down, depressed, anxious or having panic attacks.

All of these support options, which are at the heart of our charity ethos and approach, are delivered by a frontline team of up to 100 Peer Mentors. This ensures that the support process is wholly unique and built upon shared lived experience. Overall a positive route towards learning new skills to feel better now and staying better, designed and delivered by young people for young people.

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A Marketplace For The Mind

Bazaar blends elements of CBT, Mindfulness and more to help young people and young adults aged 15-30 understand their mind. Training skills, tools and techniques to support yourself now and in the future.

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Colours is our internal wrap around initiative which provides support and guidance whilst helping people to build resilience so they can tackle the various struggles life may throw up. 

Colours intends to capture issues at the stage where support at an early opportunity will be worthwhile for them to move forwards in a positive way. 

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VR Mindfulness

An immersive twist on the mindfulness mediation experience by the creation of multi sensory immersive environments built to relax, invigorate and inspire. Available throughout hours of opening at Bloom Building, book via our contact form

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Hatch is the new emotional wellbeing service in schools on Wirral. It is a partnership between ODC and Utopia Project, specifically around the Electric Islands and Primal interventions.

We work in a peer driven way either within the school setting or across the ODC campus with participants to: 

  • Learn about mental health 
  • Explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and understand how these interact with each other replace negative thoughts with more positive/realistic ones 
  • Participate in tailored activities to develop a range of essential life skills 
  • Provide an opportunity to self-reflect 
  • Build coping strategies for emotional health problems and disorders such as; anxiety, depression and ADHD
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Supporting inter-family dynamics which may result in aggression or communication breakdown between adults and children

Adults will be invited to engage with small group sessions of our Colours programme, which will help them address and work with the stressors within their life. In addition to this, monthly meet-up with LEAF members in similar situations within an empowering environment to talk about mental health and speak truthfully with each other. LEAF also has the offer of de-escalation training to help ease family relations within the home, and support adults in making the change themselves.

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Oomoo is a reimagining of what emotional wellbeing support can and should be for young people looked after in Wirral. 

It is built around the ethos of putting young people themselves in the driving seat of what is built around them and shaping change within their own lives.

Creative classes, therapeutic interventions, peer support and shared experience underpin this exciting shift in the status quo in this sector.

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