it’s an inside job on Saturday 3rd August 2019

It’s an inside job.
When? Saturday 3rd August 2019.
Where? Bloom Building.
What? A night of spoken word; psychedelic Punk; middle eastern delectableness.


Toria Garbutt:
Her words are silk javelins. Frank explorations of self, outpourings of a joyfully pained brain. She means it. Cos she’s lived it. Take a stroll through her mind and allow yourself to ride the Knottingley odyssey of authenticity. You might like it.

He wanders his world and reluctantly engages with people that most would cross the road to avoid. He survives on Earl Grey tea, opiate painkillers and a few large scoops (equal measure) of love, tolerance and vulnerability. He believes fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth. It’s dark, it’s funny and it’s scummy. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Psychedelic Punks. You won’t find them on social media nor SoundCloud. Unpredictable performers bound to bring the energy as they play songs off their debut EP – Poisonous Reptilian Colleagues And Co. There’s no rules to this band.

Shawarma Llama:

Moroccan street food from our favourites Peninsula Catering Wirral. Treat yourself to shawarma or tagine, meat and veggie options both available.

John Adrian:

At the Open Door Centre in Bloom we are all about creating platforms for creatives. So, we’re happy to announce that one of our ambassador’s, John Adrian, will be performing on the night along with some acts to be confirmed.

This is a night not to be missed.

it’s an inside job on Saturday 3rd August 2019

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