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Every month at Open Door we shape change through empowerment, culture and opportunity. See each month the impact we’re making across the community.

We’ve had some incredible opportunities to share our amazing work on a national reach. This year, we are so pleased to be one of the many charities across the UK that’s being supported by Global’s Make Some Noise. Have a listen below to our appearance on Heart Breakfast with Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston.

This month we are also so proud to be a part of Dr Alex’s Children In Need documentary: Our Young Mental Health Crisis. An incredibly important and powerful piece of work illustrating young people’s mental health. If you missed it, catch it on the iplayer.


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Peer mentors helping us to shape change in mental health


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Meet the Mentor: Ben

Ben has been an Open Door mentor for two and a half years. From his first sessions at the charity, it was clear that supporting people is a mission close to Ben’s heart. The impact Ben has had on the many members he has helped has been profound. Ben takes his role of peer mentor very seriously. He is aware of how transformative the sharing of lived experience can be, but Ben is always mindful of respecting boundaries to keep himself and his members safe. Ben embodies the four Open Door values: he is always Human, with a joke and a smile. He is Professional, following procedures correctly and asking for help when necessary. Ben is a Visionary, bringing sessions to life in creative ways, and Ben possesses Fire, contributing to the Open Door community and supporting other mentors.

Thank you Ben, for your brilliant mentoring, commitment and passion!